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RPM Marketing has watched the face of philanthropy change dramatically over the last few years. Unlike the past when they simply wrote checks to support chosen causes, philanthropists are more ambitious and philanthropy has become more strategic. Donors are taking the same systematic approach they use to compete in business.

Concurrently, non-profit management has realized a need to become much more professionalized. Organizations that were once run mostly by people motivated solely by the mission and with little expertise in business management can no longer survive without expert guidance.


Board Advantage offers non-profits that much needed expertise. We offer the resources to help develop a winning board by finding trusted and successful confidants with a track record. We provide insights on identifying key stakeholders and developing strategic marketing and communications. Our tools, resources and programs are designed to help organizations of all sizes meet their objectives.

We understand that philanthropy is more ambitious; it’s more strategic and it demand results (philanthropists today attach a lot of strings to a gift. Recipients are often required to meet milestone goals, to invite foundation members onto their boards and to produce measurable outcomes or risk losing their funding.)

Board Advantages offers the:

Advantage to give you the insights to forming, reconfiguring and analyzing the effectiveness of your board.
Advantage to help you achieve board diversity.
Advantage to help you strengthen your existing board
Advantage to offer you access to board candidates worthy of consideration
Advantage to benchmark progress
Advantage to help with fundraising
Advantage to help with event planning
Advantage to access expert marketing/communications and PR strategy

We offer an approach that’s very different than what you get with the engagement of a traditional marketing/consulting operation. We offer seasoned experts with backgrounds in non-profit upper management, community building, development, marketing and communications strategy and we make it affordable. Clients consistently praise our strategic thinking, creative ideas and collaborative approach.

We share your passion and commitment. Our goal for you as a non-profit is to help you become: