A WorldWideWeb deserves a WorldClassTeam. With a successful interactive program, organizations can encourage customers to explore their brand. The Internet is a dynamic, rapidly evolving medium that allows companies to communicate instantaneously with stakeholders. RPM Marketing develops tools that are designed to help you harness the power of the Internet in ways that are tightly integrated with the rest of your communications.

Our strategic alliance is with Web experts who work on intranets and extranets, Websites, innovative online marketing programs, digital video editing and production. We can meet the requirements of any organization, delivering:

Detailed themes consistent with real world initiatives
Customized creative website design
Engaging content
Scalable features that grab attention and encourage return visitors



RPM carefully crafts each writing project to meet your needs. Whether you are seeking to communicate online or in print, RPM can write or help you write exceptional business articles or product reviews. Or we can develop business style guides and templates that will enable you to give all of your communications a branded, professional competitive edge.

RPM will provide you with cost-effective copywriting solutions to suit your budget.

Proposal writing is crucial to winning new business. RPM can provide you with the strategy and resources needed to write winning proposals or we can write them for you.



A “go it alone” mentality is often not the most effective or efficient way to achieve a business objective. There is strength in numbers. RPM Marketing recognizes that small businesses are often overwhelmed and have no idea what direction to head in first with limited resources. RPM Marketing has experience in building, managing and maximizing limited resources for the small business owner or non-profit.

We will work with your staff and agencies – or ask us to build a virtual team for you.We focus on the unique issues each client is facing in developing compelling and creative solutions to deliver tangible results.

Recruit us to help you think outside of the box and help you identify the best ways to expand your reach. Whether you need a business plan, a marketing plan or both, we can lead you in the right direction.




RPM’s brand strategy, corporate identity, advertising and design specialty creates integrated programs that are consistent with your brand position and driven by a compelling idea and set of messages that remain constant throughout every part of the program, regardless of the disciplines or media vehicles used.

For us, the great challenge of every program is finding its essence. What’s the truth about your product, service or organization? We work with you to find it and craft a message that connects powerfully with your audience. Our goal is to create ideas that last.



Our approach begins with comprehensive research and a clear understanding of the organization, issues and goals. We bring first-rate communications and media skills coupled with political and policy-making experience honed in the government and non-profit arenas. We examine an issue from all sides. We have successfully managed ballot initiatives and grassroots campaigns on issues ranging from the environment to social services.



Stakeholders can miss your message if it isn’t delivered correctly. From media relations to special event management, to advertising and beyond, our team of communications professionals provide the precise planning, strategy, tactics and execution necessary to maximize the impact of your message.



How you manage a crisis determines the future of your organization. Make a mistake and a reputation it took years to build can be destroyed in seconds. RPM will give you the best advice for crisis recognition, prevention, preparation and management. We have a range of skills and knowledge to offer crisis management that spans beyond just managing the media. We’ve worked with organizations in a range of sectors from government and transportation to non-profit.

We can help you:
Know what kinds of crises could arise
Introduce clear processes to identify and handle emerging incidents
Identify and train spokespeople
Test and rehearse the crisis management plan
Ensure that the culture of your organization allows early warning and upward communication of potential problems

A crisis prevented is preferable to a crisis handled, but if the worst should occur, thorough preparation ensures the best chance of protecting your reputation.



Event management is a strategic marketing and communications tool. From product launches to corporate meetings or press conferences RPM handles every detail of your special event, from planning to management and execution. We’ll ensure that all the creative, technical and logistical elements of any event come together to deliver the best possible outcome.



At RPM we are aligned with practitioners from many different marketing/communications disciplines (design, interactive and research, advertising and brand strategy and sales) to create award-winning campaigns and brand identity efforts that are fully integrated. If you need a eye-catching ad…a beautiful brochure…or a splash on the Web, we’re your best choice.



Our gurus work to ensure that your publications enhance your brand personality and deliver your message in a manner that reflects your voice and achieves your objectives. Whether you’re seeking to create a one-time customized publication, an annual report, a corporate brochure or quarterly internal and external newsletter templates, RPM offers visually striking design solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd.